Nitriding Plants

ELTROPULS plant engineering competence

Our plasma processing plants are the culmination of 30 years of development and experience in plasma processing. Rightly so they are unique on the market in many important aspects.

Eltro Plant Advantages


Pulse Plasma Technology

No discernible Arcing. More uniform temperature field. Energy-Saving. Ease of use compared to flipping a light switch.

Hot-Wall Furnace design

Hot-walled furnaces provide the flexibility to control the part temperature with a low dependance on the plasma processing conditions.

Remote Diagnostics

Fast response time to our engineers in Germany.

Modular construction/Building Kit

ELTROPULS plants can be customized without losing the advantage of similarity with the over 300 operating ELTROPULS plants in the world. Important spares are stocked at Eltro's service locations in Europe and the Americas.

Customer specific modification

The customer buys the Plasma processing unit to fit his needs, not one which fits the manufacturers catalogue and stock.


Compared to gas or salt-bath-nitriding the ELTROPULS  method fares especially well. ELTROPULS is often cheaper and always more environmental friendly and delivers the highest quality achievable in Nitriding.

Our Plant Production

ELTRO has the ability to manufacture anything from simple sheet metal panels to turning the sealing surface of 2 meter vacuum vessels In-House. ELTRO therefore has the flexibility to deliver plants and spare parts on tight schedules and do customization to suit the customer's specific demands.


All mechanic, electrical or electronic systems are designed in House.


Finite-element modelling reduces realization time. 3D-CAD gives insight to work in progress.

Software Development

ELTRO's in house software development guarantees high reliability and Independence of third parties.

Electronic design and production

Eltro produces Through hole, Surface mount and Power Electronics in-house. Spare parts (event for plants 30 years old) can and will be produced if neccesary.

Mechanical Production

Modern CNC Machines for Milling and Turning provide short turn-around times for fixtures/rigs and Furnace parts.


All Plants up to a total length of 50 meters(150 feet) length, 20 meters(60 feet) width and 10 meters(30 feet) height are assembled in ELTRO's facility in Baeweiler and tested as a complete unit.