Generally all steel and ferrous materials are able to be nitrided in the best quality. The pre-conditions are clean parts, which do not have contact during fabrication with liquids containing silicone oils. The surface has to be metallic and bright. Covering with cadmium-plated (chromated), zinc or tin coated appliances is not permissible.


The achievable properties after nitriding strongly depend on the material used and the pre condition of the material.

Stainless Steels, super-alloys

Plasma nitriding is especially suitable to nitride super-alloys or stainless steel. Depending on the parameters the corrosion properties might deteriorate. Processing parameters can be chosen so that maximum hardness and mechanical properties are reached (Inducing reduced corrosion performance) or so that the corrosion resistance is preserved.


CP-Titanium (Grade 1-4) as well as Titanium Alloys (especially Grade 5, Ti Al6 V4) can be plasma nitrided. A titanium nitride layer grows from the Titanium base material and is supported by nitrogen rich diffusion zone below.

Compared to Coating by e.g. PVD Processes, nitrided titanium layers do not have the tendency to spall off.