Besides the plant engineering and construction ELTRO offers Pulse-Plasma-Nitriding, Pulse-Plasma-Nitrocarburization and Postoxidation in the treatment shops at the headquarters and Chemintz in Germany as well as in the UK and the USA. There is a wide range of different nitriding plants available. They ensure optimal, reproducible nitriding results for small or large components, for single parts as well as from small series to mass production. See below 'BSI Certificate for QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - ISO 9001:2008'.

Treating your parts at our facility lets you tap in to over 30 years of Eltropuls experience in treating different components.

Single parts:

High quality, even for one-off jobs is one of our specialites.

Manufacturer prototyping or small batches of parts is very labour intensive and costly in machining and design, the surface treatment is often done carelessly. With ELTROPULS you can rest assured that even your protoyping or small batch parts are treated to their full capacity.

We can assist you in chosing the right treatment parameters to get the most out of your parts, so that the energy you put in to designing and manufacturing them pays off.

Serial production prototypes:

During development of serial production parts, the foundation is laid down which will be essential in later mass production. Use our Know-How and problem solving capacity to avoid any mass production issues while still in the design and run-up phase.
Our R&D Lab can do optimization based on your requirements and work in step with your design engineers to optimize your parts.

Production run:

We produce your components day after day for years in best quality.

Mass production:

Fully automated plants are set up for our customers if desired. Profit from Eltro's know how in machine building and automation as a treatment shop for customers.

Custom component requirements which lead to a custom build machine or production line can be set up in a comparatively short period of time.

Serial production run-up:

You intend to purchase ELTROPULS plasma-processing machinery but want to avoid the troubles of production run-up? Eltro can do the ramp up to full production quantities in-house and transfer the running process to your facility.

Capacity problems?:

We can help you on short-notice and can be very flexible if your production capacity becomes insufficient.