Nitriding without White Layer (Compound Layer)

Composition and characteristics

  • Thermo-chemical process to enrich the case of a component or work piece with nitrogen
  • Due to the low activity of nitrogen in the atmosphere only a precipitation zone is formed.
  • The formation of a white layer is suppressed.
  • Enables a clear raise of the endurance limit, by evoking internal compressive stress in the ductile case.

Fields of Application

  • Extremely stressed components

Typical Applications

  • ejector pins
  • bending tools
  • drill bits
  • springs
  • crankshafts
  • transmitter wheels
  • piston rings
  • clutch springs
  • embossing tools
  • cutting tools
  • blanking tools
  • cup springs
  • torsional vibration damper
  • valves
  • valve springs
  • machining tools