Nitriding with White Layer

Composition and characteristics

  • Thermo-chemical process to enrich the case of a component or work piece with nitrogen
  • Due to the high amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere a diffusion zone as well as a  whitelayer or precipitation zone are formed.
  • White layer (usually up to 15 µm depth)
  • Precipitation layer (to 0,8-1 mm depth)
  • High wear resistance

Fields of Application

  • machanically extremely stressed components

Typical Applications

  • arbors
  • aluminum pressure die casting molds
  • spindle
  • barrel extruder
  • die inserts
  • glass-moulds
  • plastic injection molding tools
  • crankshafts
  • camshafts
  • general machinery parts
  • rams
  • parts of pumps
  • worms
  • bolt levers
  • shafts